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Improve Outcomes in All Therapies
through Greater Embodiment of Emotions

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Integral Somatic Psychology

Integral Somatic Psychology™ (ISP™) is an approach to improve therapeutic outcomes through greater embodiment of all aspects of experience and all levels of the psyche.

In particular, it offers methods for improving cognitive, affective, as well as behavioral outcomes in any psychological work through greater embodiment of different types of emotions through the science of the physiology of emotions and principles of energy psychology.

Integral Somatic Psychology was developed by Raja Selvam, PhD. Currently taught in over a dozen countries in North America, Europe, and Asia, ISP is a comprehensive approach to embodiment based on Western and Eastern psychology.

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I truly enjoyed and was greatful to be a participant to Raja’s ISP™ workshop. I feel this tool takes somatic modalities to the next level by shortcutting to the root of the issues, that being, zooming in on the underlying emotional pain of an issue, without regulating the client too fast, so they learn how to face it more. I was also impressed how it focused on bypassing defense mechanisms, something that other therapies can ignore.
Yocheved Greenfield, LMSW

What Benefits does Integral Somatic Psychology offer?

Learn how to work with defenses in the physical as well as the energy body. Learn how the physical and the energy bodies are involved in generating and defending against psychological experiences such as emotions. We draw from a century of scientific research, knowledge that is not well integrated into current psychotherapy and body psychotherapy approaches, and from energy psychologies.

Learn how to work more effectively with stress, trauma, emotion, attachment, cognition, and behavior through the physical and energy bodies: How to regulate the body without destroying the very experience you are working with by excessively regulating it, a common weakness in many body-oriented and energy-oriented approaches that are currently popular in mainstream psychology. This is particularly helpful if you are trained in body-based mindfulness approaches or Somatic Experiencing® (SE).

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